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aluminium petroupoli, ilion, peristeri, athens, attica
aluminium constructions petroupoli, ilion, peristeri, athens, attica
metalwork petroupoli, ilion, peristeri, athens, attica
iron structures petroupoli, ilion, peristeri, athens, attica
aluminum doors petroupoli, ilion, peristeri, athens, attica
aluminum windows petroupoli, ilion, peristeri, athens, attica
Dimos Constantinos Since 1975 in the field of Aluminium and Iron Constructions.
Our long experience, consistency and our professionalism allows us to offer high quality solutions, of high durability and at the best prices in the market.
Select the appropriate systems and frames in variety of designs, modern or more classic, which meet your requirements and fit your space.
Each one of our work [in aluminum frames or any other product of aluminum and iron] always implemented with a view to durability and functionality of the construction and aesthetics of the space.
We guarantee that with the aluminum constructions of Dimos company you enjoy significant energy savings and absolute security at your place.
Wide range of:
  • Aluminium structures
  • Aluminium
  • Iron petroupoli
  • Metalwork
  • Aluminium systems petroupoli
  • Iron Systems
  • Rolls petroupoli
  • Garage doors petroupoli
  • Roll repairs [locks and wheels]
  • Repairs on safety locks
  • Railings petroupoli
  • Pergolas petroupoli
  • Screens
  • Aluminum Frames petroupoli
  • Synthetic frames
  • Doors - Windows
  • Folding Doors - Windows petroupoli
  • Opening Aluminium Systems
  • Sliding Aluminium Systems
  • Railings Systems petroupoli
  • And many more 
We are a certified dealer of top company Europa, providing you with uncompromising quality at unbeatable prices. We serve not only Petroupoli but throughout Athens. Call us to visit your place for free, to ascertain your needs and submit our offer.
Our staff and I are always by your side to advise you and serve you on anything you may  need us [construction - service].
Dimos Constantinos